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What does Monthio do?
My loan application was rejected even though I made corrections in the application?
The debt overview is showing debt that does not exist
Why are Monthio using the total expenses for the whole household when I filled out an application for myself? (I have a shared budget account so I should only be accounted for half of the expenses)
Why was my loan application rejected?
Why does my creditworthiness need to be assessed?
What should I do, if Monthio cannot figure out my financial situation?
Who can help me, if I can't get the Monthio flow to work?
I have completed the Monthio flow, now what?


Will my credit provider know what I bought with my money?
What does Monthio do with my data?
How do I delete my data if I change my mind during the flow?
Read more about your rights in this EU PSD2 brochue