Account verification

Instant account verification

Digitise your AML and KYC processes with Monthio's instant account holder verification. Make better decisions in less time and optimise your loan approval process.
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Increased security
Rely on accurate consumer profiles instead of outdated predictions
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First-class customer experience
Let us take case of verification, so you can focus on customer success
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Streamline verification with an effortless instant process

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Peace of mind for credit
Ease the pressures of compliance, by automating account verification. Now your credit team can adhere to regulations effortlessly and gain more time to deliver value in other areas.
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Speed up
Seamlessly verify account details, minimize drop-off rates and achieve instant onboarding. Unlock efficiency and speed for a better lending process.
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Decreased applicant
With digital verification, you reduce the chance of applicants abandoning the loan process. This means an increased conversion rate and better company reputation.

4 easy steps

Simple for your applicant, transformative for you
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“Since partnering with Monthio, we have been able to process more loan applications using fewer employee resources. The app also gives us a deeper applicant insight ensuring even more accurate decision making and easier documentation.”

Head of credit - Consumer Loan Provider
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“Monthio allows us to process a case in 5 minutes, down from 30. It is a crucial element of our credit assessment. Monthio is the key to our entire credit rating process.”

Head of credit - Corporate & Consumer Loan Provider
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“Getting up and running was painless. It was a fast and efficient implementation process.”

Danish Leasing Provider
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Open Banking

Unlike other creditworthiness solutions, Monthio goes beyond Open Banking. We analyze a wider range of financial data than just PSD2, employ superior algorithms, and apply meticulous categorization techniques. Start making informed and accurate approval decisions in less time.

verification FAQs

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Do Monthio's instant account verification and open banking support all banks and financial institutions?
How accurate is Monthio's instant account verification in retrieving financial information?
Can Monthio's instant account verification be used for different types of loans?
Is customer consent required for Monthio's instant account verification?
Can Monthio's instant account verification help reduce fraud and credit risk?
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Superior Categorization
Our comprehensive categorisation accurately identifies
more data in each section than other leading Open
Banking providers.
Banker-designed. Credit approved
We offer more than just cutting edge technology. We are built on deep banking expertise to create a tailored & powerful solution for credit departments.
End users at the forefront
At Monthio, we put the end users the forefront of our product design. That’s why 91% of applicants that go through the Monthio process, complete it.

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