Next generation categorisation

We don't just capture more data than other creditworthiness solutions. We clean and categorise so you don't have to.
Icon of a purple color clock used to demonstrate less time is used in time to less of loan approval
Shorter time-to-yes
Increased accuracy in less time
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More responsible lending
Grand more suitable loans with better data & insights
Graphic showing how different types of loan applicant income is categorized in Monthio's credit decisioning solution

Stop relying on traditional categorisation to assess affordability

With limitations ranging from inability to assess regularity or context and difficulties in differentiating multiple salaries or loans, to restrictions related to language, country and unclear transaction descriptions, traditional categorisation is no longer fit for purpose.

With Monthio’s next generation categorisation model you get unprecedented insight into your applicants’ finances, so you can make better credit decisions in less time, while minimising risks.

We don't just capture more data than other creditworthiness solutions, we also ensure that the voluminous data is cleaned and categorised and presented in an obvious and logical way.
Moving graphic showing how different income is categorised during loan approval or credit assessments

Stronger together

Stand stronger with Monthio's superior tools to assess the financial health of your applicants, by adding real-time income and expense verification to your approval process.

With our wide range of tools for credit providers, you'll be able to digitise your processes and increase efficiency, reduce costs and meet regulatory requirements.
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Superior Categorization
Our comprehensive categorisation accurately identifies
more data in each section than other leading Open
Banking providers.
Banker-designed. Credit approved
We offer more than just cutting edge technology. We are built on deep banking expertise to create a tailored & powerful solution for credit departments.
End users at the forefront
At Monthio, we put the end users the forefront of our product design. That’s why 91% of applicants that go through the Monthio process, complete it.

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