Maximise your car finance offering

Gain a competitive edge in car financing with Monthio. Enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and risk mitigation, plus reduced fraud and losses. Revolutionize lending decisions, elevate customer experiences, and accelerate business success with your new powerful creditworthiness solution.
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Enhance customer experience with faster loan processing

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Faster credit
Join the ranks of other successful lenders and save 90% on loan approval time with Monthio. You’ll provide a seamless digital experience for applicants and free up valuable time for credit advisors.
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Reduce credit
Say goodbye to slow, inaccurate credit decisioning and gain real-time access to your customers’ financial data for faster, more accurate evaluations. Approve more suitable loans, cut credit losses and improve your portfolio quality.
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Partnering with Monthio helps you safeguard you bruises by reducing the risk of fraud, deception, and manual errors through our cutting-edge digitalized process. Ensure a secure and seamless experience for both you and your  customers.
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Save credit
advisors’ time
By minimizing manual processes, Monthio expedites the loan approval process, enabling quicker and more accurate decision-making. Empower your credit advisors to dedicate more time to approving loans or focusing on enhancing customer success.
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Improved customer
Monthio's digitalization provides your credit applicants with a simplified and efficient application process, showcasing your commitment to providing the best service possible. With our user-focused approach, 91% of applicants complete the flow.
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Meet current and upcoming regulations with with confidence using Monthio. Our solution provides lenders with comprehensive applicant information, allowing them to effortlessly meet regulatory requirements while ensuring optimal lending decisions

How Europe's financial institutions use Monthio

Visma Creditro optimises customer onboarding in new financial segments

Learn how Visma Creditro optimises digital onboarding through faster, more secure, and accurate loan approvals.

Varmeo improves approval time and user experience of green loans

Learn how Monthio’s speed and appealing design helped decrease credit approval time and increase customer experience.

AL Finans successfully navigates new lending regulations

Learn how AL Finans decreased defaults and remained competitive in the face of increasing regulations.

Grant more suitable loans

With instant and accurate insight of discretionary income, you can better assess applicant suitablity, instead of relying on FSA guidelines and outdated data. This means more loans to good applicants, while protecting those who may default.
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Consumption insights
Enhanced applicant insight, grant more suitable loans
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Discretionary income calculator
Rely on actual applicant data, rather guidelines
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Risks & insights
Gambling, ATM use, unusual spending & more
5 loan applications in a row. 4 loans grants and 1 rejected
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DEcrease fraud

Cut fraud & defaults

Monthio provides car finance providers with unparalleled insights into applicant debts, repayments. Combined with our automated flagging of fraud and default risks, you’ll experience a reduction in fraudulent activities and defaults.Additionally, Monthio streamlines the account verification process by digitizing AML and KYC procedures, cutting down on paperwork and enhancing efficiency for car finance providers.
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Debt overview
Unparalleled insights into debts and repayments
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Risk insight
Rely on actual applicant data, rather guidelines
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Account verification
Better loan experience, increased customer referrals

Optimise your digital business

Today’s car finance providers must embrace better digital lending to thrive. Asautomotive sales move online, consumers demand seamless experiences. The
finance providers who can offer simplified and customer-centric services will win. Tocapture this market, providers must prioritize customer experience, adopt lendingand loan verification and invest in digital innovation.
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4 quick steps
A seamless, digital experience
Intuitive user experience (UX)
91% flow completion rate
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Live end-user support
Your applicants' queries taken care of

“Monthio’s solution enables us to process the same amount of loan applications, despite the increased requirements in Denmark. It also gives us deeper applicant insight ensuring more accurate decision making and easier documentation. We see Monthio as an invaluable business resource.”

Head of Credit at AL Finans - Jesper Jensen
Man in pink shirt on the phone during loan approval process

“We are excited to be partnering with Monthio, as we are looking to expand into new segments. By providing our customers direct access to not only insightful KYC checks, but also creditworthiness assessments, we can provide a seamless onboarding flow for leasing companies.”

Managing Director at Visma - Jacob Tinsfeldt
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“Monthio’s intuitive and well presented dashboard means easier decisioning for our credit team. Monthio is the key to our entire credit rating process.”

Head of credit - Consumer Loan Provider
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What we offer

Magnifying glass graphic used by Monthio to depict income verification as part of creditworthiness assessments for banks and other lenders
Income verification
Get instant verification of applicant income with the latest & most accurate data.
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Expense verification
Enhance your credit decisioning and minimise risk with Monthio's real-time expense overview.
Read more
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Risk &

Get automatic insights into potential risks. Fraud and default risks flagged.
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We clean and categorise your data, so you don't need to.
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Account verification
Digitise your AML and KYC processes with Monthio's instant account verification.
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Gain a precise understanding of your applicants’ discretionary income with our cash flow analysis feature.
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