Debt insights

Accurate debt information

With Monthio’s Debt Insights, you get an accurate, real-time and personalised debt factor based on multiple, cross validated data sources, giving you the best understanding possible of your customer’s financial health.
Icon showing cross validated data sources
Cross-validated data sources
Access insights to loan payments and repayments, mortgages, credit cards & more
Graphic of purple graph demonstrating accurate debt forecasting
Accurate debt forecasting
Gain a clear view of the increase of decreasing expenses your applicant will face
Graphic showing impression of what insights into a loan applicant's debts could look like

The benefits continue

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Avoid over-indebtedness
Instead of manually calculating your applicants’ debt factors, relying on out-dated loan data and blanket guidelines, you get precise and reliable information on the current and future financial health of your specific applicant.
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Better advisor
Your advisors get the latest debt data in a clear overview. No duplicates, and a clear understanding of the source of the numbers. That’s more confident decision making in less time.
Icon showing purple star looking at increased customer satisfaction when applying for a loan
Improved customer
During the application process, your customers get a clear overview of their debt records ready for them to approve, swiftly and seamlessly.

Our unique features for your credit success

Missing payments highlights
Get alerted to risky repayment behaviour with our missing payments feature, protecting you and your customers better.
Paid off debts detected
One of the biggest challenges when manually calculating debt factor is that too often debts that are already paid off are included. Our intuitive technology gives you the most accurate picture of your customer’s current and future expense trajectory.
Sleek customer interface
Give your customers a better experience with our superior design and seamless flow. Your applicants will be able to easily approve individual debt records with all irrelevant information screened out.

Open Banking

Unlike other creditworthiness solutions, Monthio goes beyond Open Banking. We analyze a wider range of financial data than just PSD2, employ superior algorithms, and apply meticulous categorisation techniques. Start making informed and accurate approval decisions in less time.
Graphic showing 4 green check marks and one red cross  to show that not all debts are the same

Not all debts are the same

We take into account varying data sources, from public private and transaction data which we cross-validate from further sources. All this is then consolidated into a debt factor, giving you a complete and accurate picture.

You also get a better understanding of loans that are shortly coming to an end, payments that are set to increase (e.g. in the case of interest only payments), so you have a clear view of the likelihood of increasing or decreasing expenses your applicant is set to face. This gives you the confidence to make the most accurate assessment of your applicant’s monthly disposable income and thus affordability.

“Since partnering with Monthio, we have been able to process more loan applications using fewer employee resources. The app also gives us a deeper applicant insight ensuring even more accurate decision making and easier documentation.”

Head of credit - Consumer Loan Provider
Girl on brown sofa applies for a loan on her laptop

“Monthio allows us to process a case in 5 minutes, down from 30. It is a crucial element of our credit assessment. Monthio is the key to our entire credit rating process.”

Head of credit - Corporate & Consumer Loan Provider
Busy group of loan officers look at paperwork of a loan application

“Getting up and running was painless. It was a fast and efficient implementation process.”

Danish Leasing Provider
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How does Monthio go beyond Open Banking?
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Superior Categorization
Our comprehensive categorisation accurately identifies
more data in each section than other leading Open
Banking providers.
Banker-designed. Credit approved
We offer more than just cutting edge technology. We are built on deep banking expertise to create a tailored & powerful solution for credit departments.
End users at the forefront
At Monthio, we put the end users the forefront of our product design. That’s why 91% of applicants that go through the Monthio process, complete it.

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