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Whether you're looking for e-commerce financing, property rental screenings or other services, Monthio is your partner for the accurate data you need. By leveraging our solution, you can save time, mitigate risks, and make better credit or suitability decisions.
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Better customer insight, smoother business processes

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Better customer
No more burdensome paperwork. With Monthio your customers experience a seamless digital process, resulting in a high completion rate of 91%.
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Save advisors
Automated data collection and analysis reduce loan or customer approval time, allowing your advisors to focus on other areas of customer support.
Meet current & upcoming regulations
Monthio provides a robust solution for businesses to navigate regulatory requirements effortlessly, minimizing the risk of non-compliance.
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By eliminating manual data input, the chance of human error in the application process decreases, leading to more informed lending decisions and reduced risk exposure.
Enabling personalized customer experiences
With accurate insight into your customers' unique financial profile, you can provide tailored solutions, personalized advice and proactive support.
Better brand
By employing seamless digital customer experiences you’ll improve customer loyalty and reputation. Start giving your customers more.
Farewell to friction

Hello to seamless applications

Monthio revolutionizes loan applications and customer suitability by leveraging open banking to automate data collection and analysis. This provides lenders with real-time financial insights and enables a seamless and efficientapplication process for borrowers or renters.
Simple user journey
A quicker response for applicant and advisor
Automated data verification
Seamless upgrades & extensions
Optimized conversion
Decreased drop-off rate with Monthio
Customer-centricity as standard

Your new improved loan process

Transform your customer experience with Monthio's creditworthiness solution. Provide your applicants with lightning-fast loan decisions, a seamless application process, and a user-friendly design, ensuring exceptional experiences that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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4 quick steps
A seamless digital experience
Intuitive User Experience (UX)
91% flow completion rate
Live end-user support
Your applicants' queries are taken care of

Seamless implementation process

With our decades of credit process experience and dedicated integration support, implementing Monthio into your bank is effortless, across all business areas. Our personalized approach maximizes efficiency and unlocks the full potential of Monthio's solutions for your bank.
Tailored integration process
Our customized integration process perfectly aligns with your business needs
Technical & product support
Take advantage of our deep banking insight & tech expertise for your optimal outcomes
Seamless upgrades
Our feature extensions & product upgrades are ready when you are

“We are excited to be partnering with Monthio, as we are looking to expand into new segments. By providing our customers direct access to not only insightful KYC checks, but also creditworthiness assessments, we can provide a seamless onboarding flow for leasing companies.”

Managing Director at Visma - Jacob Tinsfeldt

“We are always looking for ways to optimise the customer experience & I was immediately impressed by how much quicker the financing process was from using Monthio. Instead of manually having to provide paperwork and wait hours, if not days for approval, the data we need comes within seconds.”

CEO of Varmeo - Peter Veie Gudmand

“Getting up and running was painless. It was a fast and efficient implementation process.”

Danish Leasing Provider

What we offer

Magnifying glass graphic used by Monthio to depict income verification as part of creditworthiness assessments for banks and other lenders
Income verification
Get instant verification of applicant income with the latest & most accurate data.
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Expense verification
Enhance your credit decisioning and minimise risk with Monthio's real-time expense overview.
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Risk &

Get automatic insights into potential risks. Fraud and default risks flagged.
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We clean and categorise your data, so you don't need to.
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Account verification
Digitise your AML and KYC processes with Monthio's instant account verification.
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Gain a precise understanding of your applicants’ discretionary income with our cash flow analysis feature.
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What are the benefits of open banking when it comes to assessing the financial health of renters?
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