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Faster, more accurate loan approval

Start processing more loans. With accurate realtime creditworthiness data, you can accept more applications, reduce the risk of fraud and default, and grant more suitable loans. All at a fraction of the time and effort it took previously.
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Successful credit decisioning looks like this

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Decreased loan
approval time
Use Monthio to cut manual processes and experience speedier and more accurate credit decisioning. Now advisors can prioritise other areas of customer success.
icon of a path to show that Monthio helps improve the customer experience of loan applicants
Improved customer
Create a seamless and convenient loan applicant experience. At Monthio we put UX at the forefront of our solution, resulting in 91% application completion.
Icon of a decreasing graph to show that Monthio helps banks and lenders decrease defaults
With increased explicit insights, you can better identify financial distress indicators, reducing the risk of defaults and enabling more informed lending decisions.
Icon showing increase in size showing that Monthio can help banks and lenders grant more suitable loans
Grant more suitable
Increase loan approval for good applicants, protect those who may default. Instead of relying on guidelines and outdated public data, use accurate personal bank data.
Icon of magnifying glass with a tick to show that Monthio helps banks and other credit providers increase the accuracy of their credit decisions
Accurate credit
Access real-time financial data, cleaned and categorised giving you full insight into
transaction history, income and debt obligations.
Icon of checked off list to show that Monthio helps loan and credit providers meet regulations relating to creditworthiness
Effortlessly meet increasing lending regulations and stay ahead of the curve. Our solution helps lenders make the best credit decisions today and tomorrow.

How Europe's financial institutions use Monthio

Visma Creditro optimises customer onboarding in new financial segments

Learn how Visma Creditro optimises digital onboarding through faster, more secure, and accurate loan approvals.

Varmeo improves approval time and user experience of green loans

Learn how Monthio’s speed and appealing design helped decrease credit approval time and increase customer experience.

AL Finans successfully navigates new lending regulations

Learn how AL Finans decreased defaults and remained competitive in the face of increasing regulations.
The future of consumer lending

Unlock simplicity in credit decisioning

Monthio revolutionizes the loan approval process for credit cards, consumer loans, and BNPL services by combining deep expertise of the credit process with superior open banking solutions.

By harnessing real-time financial data, lenders can significantly increase the loan approval rate, making more accurate assessments and informed decisions.
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Dedicated product advisor
Expertise in credit processes & technology
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Seamless upgrades & extensions
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A tailored integration process
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Compare us to other providers

Gain insights into the tangible benefits of Monthio and witness how our creditworthiness solution gives you more than others’. Try out our benchmarking service today.
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Streamlined process
Quick and easy process with minimum handling
Detailed comparison report
Allows you to translate insights into key business metrics
Compliant and safe
Our data transfer service is governed by a data processing agreement
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Better for borrowers

A seamless applicant experience

Monthio delivers the best possible loan application experience through a user-friendly interface, advanced automation, and personalized assistance. Borrowers can expect a smooth and efficient process that meets their unique needs, providing convenience, transparency, and overall satisfaction.
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4 quick steps
A seamless digital experience
Intuitive User Experience (UX)
91% flow completion rate
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Reduce errors
No more manual uploads and entries

“Monthio’s solution enables us to process the same amount of loan applications, despite the increased requirements in Denmark. It also gives us deeper applicant insight ensuring more accurate decision making and easier documentation. We see Monthio as an invaluable business resource.”

Head of Credit at AL Finans - Jesper Jensen
Man in pink shirt on the phone during loan approval process

“We are always looking for ways to optimise the customer experience & I was immediately impressed by how much quicker the financing process was from using Monthio. Instead of manually having to provide paperwork and wait hours, if not days for approval, the data we need comes within seconds.”

CEO of Varmeo - Peter Veie Gudmand
White woman completing loan application on laptop

“Monthio allows us to process a case in 5 minutes, down from 30. It is a crucial element of our credit assessment. Monthio is the key to our entire credit rating process.”

Head of credit - Corporate & Consumer Loan Provider
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What we offer

Magnifying glass graphic used by Monthio to depict income verification as part of creditworthiness assessments for banks and other lenders
Income verification
Get instant verification of applicant income with the latest & most accurate data.
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Expense verification
Enhance your credit decisioning and minimise risk with Monthio's real-time expense overview.
Read more
Purple icon of graph

Risk &

Get automatic insights into potential risks. Fraud and default risks flagged.
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We clean and categorise your data, so you don't need to.
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Account verification
Digitise your AML and KYC processes with Monthio's instant account verification.
Read more
Gain a precise understanding of your applicants’ discretionary income with our cash flow analysis feature.
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