Perks and benefits

Hospital emoji to show healthcare benefits that Monthio employees receive
Comprehensive benefits
We offer a pension plan and health insurance so you’re covered from day 1.
Emoji of chef to show that Monthio employees have access to a canteen for lunch
Lunch arrangement
With our catered lunches you can choose from a selection of delicious and nourishingoptions.
Emoji of a clock to show Monthio employees have flexible working hours
Flexible working
With our flexible or hybrid working options, you can create a schedule that suits your needs.
Snacks & drinks on tap
Stay fueled and refreshed throughout the day with a variety of snacks and drinks readily available.
Emoji of laptop to show Monthio employees get access to hardware
Choice of hardware
At Monthio, you have the possibility to choose the hardware that best suits your needs and preferences.
Smiling emoji to show Monthio hosts social activities for employees
Social activities
Whether it's sports, dining out, board games, or even starting your own group, you'll have the opportunity to bond with your colleagues and share your favourite hobby.
Smartphone emoji to show Monthio staff can access mobile phones
Multimedia package
Enjoy a flexible multimedia package that includes a phone, allowing you to choose what works best for you.
Tree emoji to represent Monthio's green and convenient location in Copenhagen
Convenient & green location
Located next to one of Copenhagen’s nicest parks, Monthio is easy to access from public transport, and perfectly situated for walking meetings.

How Monthio hires

The first call
Let's connect! We'll chat about your experience and aspirations
The interview
Time to shine! Show us your skills and passion for the role.
Meet the team
Get to know the amazing individuals who make up our dynamic team.
Welcome to Monthio!
Congratulations on your new role! Let’s embark on an exciting journey together!