Danish bank customers say they are burdened by documentation requirements

Amidst increasing regulations and rising customer expectations, Danish bank customers say they are fed up with banks requiring documentation for accessing financial services.

A recent survey by Epinion for Finans Danmark showed seven out of ten Danes say providing documentation is a burden, with a third saying they believe banks are asking for more documentation than before. 

While the survey refers to money transfers, it also paints a picture of the frustration felt by customers in providing documentation for financial services in general. 

When so many aspects of modern life are seamless and instant, today’s consumers expect effortless financial management aligned with their digital lives.

Monthio addresses this need for simplicity by enabling banks to securely verify loan applicant information in real-time, enhancing operational efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

Our cutting-edge solution removes the need for paperwork. It allows banks to approve loans in minutes instead of days by digitizing the loan approval process through Open Banking, while still living up to documentation requirements.

By streamlining processes and reducing unnecessary hurdles, Monthio offers banks and customers a smooth and hassle-free experience.

By prioritizing compliance with regulations while easing the consumer burden of providing documentation manually, Monthio provides a secure and compliant environment that safeguards the interests of both customers and financial institutions.

Contact us today to discover how Monthio can revolutionize your loan approval process and enhance customer relations.

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