Danish Government looks at stricter regulation of Buy-Now-Pay-Later products

On March 15, 2023, the Danish government announced that it is considering amending the Act on Consumer Loan Companies (lov om forbrugslånsvirksomheder) to regulate providers of buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) products.

If adopted, the BNPL regulation will take effect from July 1,2023, meaning providers in Denmark will be required to do creditworthiness assessments from this date.

Further to this, they will also need to apply for a consumer lending license before January 1, 2024, though they will be able to continue operating without a license during the application period.

The move comes as BNPL scrutiny increases across Europe, with the British FCA looking to regulate BNPL payment products in the UK, and the EU aiming to revise existing rules on consumer credit to include BNPL loans.

Denmark has already introduced a range of initiatives with the intention of strengthening consumer protection.

If implemented, this new amendment will bring the regulation of BNPL providers into line with banks and other loan providers in Denmark.

These financial institutions have been required to gather more in-depth financial information on loan applicants, since legislation on creditworthiness came into force in Denmark in 2021.

Further details on the proposal can be found here (in Danish).

How banks and lenders in Denmark meet legislation requirements

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