Monthio partners with Enable Banking to expand its presence into Spain

Monthio, a leading credit decisioning solution, has partnered with Enable Banking, an Open Banking connectivity provider, to revolutionize loan approval processes in Spain and enhance the customer experience. This collaboration signifies a pivotal step for Monthio as it expands beyond the Nordics, ushering in a new era of lending in Europe.

Currently, Monthio combines deep banking expertise and Open Finance technology to enable faster and more accurate credit decisions for top banks and loan providers in the Nordics. By leveraging their experience and cutting-edge solutions, Monthio aims to support financial institutions in Spain, where traditional manual processes and outdated data hinder efficiency and accuracy.

To achieve this, Monthio has partnered with Enable Banking, a trailblazing Open Banking connectivity provider with comprehensive coverage across Europe. This partnership will enable Monthio to assist Spanish banks and loan providers in making better credit decisions in less time.

Mads Aarup Pedersen, CEO & Founder of Monthio said: "Through this collaboration, we are taking the first step towards supporting financial institutions in Spain. Many banks and credit providers still rely on manual processes and outdated data, resulting in slow and inaccurate loan approvals. In today's economic climate, it is crucial to offer fair and expedited access to finance. By leveraging Enable Banking's bank connectivity in Spain, we can extend our footprint and help shape a new lending landscape in Europe."
Enable Banking's CEO and co-founder, Joonas Tomperi, shared his excitement, saying, "We are delighted to collaborate with Monthio and provide them with secure and comprehensive financial data, not only in Spain but also in other regions through Open Banking."

This partnership signifies a promising future for both Monthio and Enable Banking. Monthio's expertise in credit decisioning, coupled with Enable Banking's pioneering Open Banking connectivity, will create transformative financial services that meet evolving customer and business needs.

As Monthio expands into Spain, financial institutions can expect streamlined loan approval processes, improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The collaboration also marks a significant milestone for Monthio as it grows beyond the Nordics, opening doors to exciting opportunities for growth and innovation in the European lending landscape.

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