How heat pump specialists Varmeo improved the approval time and user experience of green loans


Varmeo is one of Denmark’s leading heat pump retailers, known for their high quality products and exceptional service. Varmeo offers several quality brands such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Hitachi, allowing customers to choose the brand and model that best suits their needs in both reducing CO2 emissions and cutting heating bills. 

For customers who do not purchase the heat pumps outright, Varmeo offers financing options through a subscription basis in order to help as many people as possible access a more sustainable and affordable way of keeping their homes warm. 

User experience for financing the pumps has always been at the forefront of the team’s mind. So, when Varmeo CEO, Peter Veie Gudmand, went to lease a car and experienced a previously unknown speed and ease of approval, he decided he wanted to give his own customers the same experience by implementing Monthio. 

It was also important to Peter that the solution should be easy to integrate and intuitive for all team members to use. 

CEO, Varmeo

Peter Veie Gudmand

“I came across Monthio when I leased a car, and was immediately impressed with the speed and design. I was immediately impressed by how quickly my approval came. Instead of me manually having to provide paperwork and wait hours, if not days for approval, I saw my approval appear on my screen within seconds. On top of this, the design was appealing and attractive, and I knew this was something I wanted to give Varmeo’s finance applicants too, as we are always looking for ways to optimise the customer experience.” 
The solution

Monthio’s intuitive credit decisioning solution uses Open Banking & other financial data to provide a 360 financial overview of applicant’s affordability in real-time, including income and expenses verification and extensive insight into risks and warnings. 

All the consolidated data is presented in one easy-to-use dashboard meaning quick and easy decision making for financial institutions and other lending providers. 

The results

Varmeo was able to decrease the approval time and increase the user experience of their green loans, supporting their mission for a greener Denmark and giving the best customer experience possible.

The intuitive and appealing user experience of Monthio’s solution also meant that all Varmeo employees could use the solution easily, ensuring no down time in sales and customer success.

Varmeo is one of Denmark’s leading players in sustainable solutions and we are delighted that they have been able to see such positive business results since partnering with us. Not only have they improved the user experience with our attractive and intuitive design,  Varmeo have also seen a significant decrease in loan approval time, ensuring increased access to green initiatives in Denmark.

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